“Spiritual health is the key to church growth, but healthy churches don’t happen by accident. They are nurtured over time by intentional and passionate pastors and leaders who practice Christian leadership, spiritual formation, and biblical decision making.”
Robert Morris
Lead Senior Pastor
Gateway Church



Resources for Building A Healthy Church

Here are just a few of over 1700 resources available on the Resource Network

Staff & Leadership Development

Includes hundreds of hours of valuable leadership development training for your entire team from Dr. Henry Cloud, Robert Morris, Jimmy Evans, Brady Boyd, and many more.

Healthy Church Government

This curriculum is designed to help you decrease time wasting and strife, and promote harmony and accountability. The government model you choose determines your church’s destiny.

Worship Resources

Practical resources and core biblical teaching on praise and worship, practical application, and the importance of walking in the character of Christ.



Health-Focused Resources

We are well aware that a church can only be as healthy as its leaders. Your longevity in ministry is crucial, so our resources are focused on providing solutions, resources and ideas to help you become a healthier leader, and to help you build a healthy church.

Not Just the how, but the why

Knowing the “why” behind what you do and how you do it is crucial to building a church that will break the barriers you face. We not only tell you what we do and how we do it, but reveal the “why” behind it. You’re only a few clicks away from discovering what will actually help you.

Tested and Proven Resources

So much has happened at Gateway Church in the last 18 years and we’ve documented every step. Gateway Resource Network is an ever-growing site with over 1700 resources created and curated with you in mind – and we’re adding even more new resources regularly!

Help For Churches Of All Sizes

The Gateway Resource Network is for churches of all sizes and designed to help you break every barrier you face, no matter the size of your congregation. Whether you are a church of 50 or 5,000, you’ll find the helpful, practical and spiritual resources you need.

A Wide Array Of Resources

The resources you will find here are designed to equip and help every member of your eldership, staff, volunteer leaders, and even your congregation. The subject matter covers the diverse landscape of your church’s needs with video, audio, and helpful documents.

Works On All Types Of Devices

Whether you are in the office or on the go, the Gateway Resource Network is available to you. Videos are designed to stream over an LTE connection, so it’s easy to use the resources on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or even in your auditorium or classrooms.


Here are some comments from a few of our members.

Gateway Network has been incredible. There isn’t a manual on how you pastor and I felt like Elijah… alone. So it was really cool to have people come alongside and help. When I go to the Gateway Network, I have so many mentors that are there for me – Jack Hayford, Robert Morris, Tom Lane – all these deep wells in one place!

Juan Martinez
Sr. Pastor, Get Wrapped Church

As a senior pastor, it’s been a blessing to have the resources from the Gateway Resource Network available at just a click away. As we’ve continued to grow as a church, some of our foundations and ministries needed to be strengthened. There’s so much available at our fingertips and it’s saving me a ton of time.

Terry Payne
Sr. Pastor, Lifeway Church
Gateway has a resourcing network that wants to put tools in your hands so that you can succeed. Why is this priced so low? Either these people are the most generous people in the world, or they have no idea how to price point stuff. This is thousands of dollars worth of stuff being given away for hundreds, for no other reason than they have a culture of generosity.

Tim Ross
Sr. Pastor, Embassy City Church

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